Athya Fuligula

The name of the boat Troldand is the Danish name for the Tufted Duck (Athya Fuligula). A litteral translation of the Danish name would be: Troll-duck (ie. and=duck). Here are som basic informations on this charming little duck.


En: Tufted Duck, Da: Troldand, Du: Kuifeend, Fi: Tukkasotka, Fr. Fuligule morillon, Ge: Reiherente, It: Moretta, No: Toppand, Sp: Porròn moñudo, Sw: Vigg

photo: Erik Agertoft

The male Tufted Duck is distinctively all-black apart from his immaculately neat white flanks, yellow eyes and grey bill. The female is mostly chocolate-brown, darker than the Pochard and with a slightly paler area on the flanks, similar in outline to the same patch on the male. She usually shows at least the beginnings of a tuft at the back of the head. In flight, Tufteds have very dark wings with a broad white bar across the flight feathers
Breeds on reed-fringed lakes and slow-moving rivers. Winters on lakes, reservoirs, and estuaries. Reasonably common as a breeding bird in the UK, although absent from north-west Scotland, south-west England and Wales. In winter very common and widespread on inland stretches of water. Widespread and abundant at wetland sites in most areas of Europe

And finally a few photoes, taken by the moat at the Copenhagen citadel (Kastelsgraven) close to our home.


Last update October 2015