Cruising Scandinavia

The home port of Troldand is Copenhagen and our normal cruising grounds for week-end sailing is 'The Sound'. Within just 30 nm we are able to reach more than 20 small fishing ports and marinasand between Elsinore and Dragør it is always possible, no matter weather conditions, to find a safe mooring and to return again by Monday morning. Conditions are made even easier by the total lack of tide in these waters.

During summertime, venturing to more distant destinations, we are tempted by the wonderful archipelagoes (or in Scandinavian languages 'skærgård' which could litteraly be translated to 'garden of scerries') of southern Norway, in Swedish Bohuslän, and on the eastern Swedish seaboardsSince 1974 we have been visiting places as different as Åland and Finland as well as the Baltic countries of Estonia and Latvia in north east, Stavanger in Norway in north west. And since 2000 we have expanded gradually and visited places outside Scandinavia (but still within 'viking-reach'). From  Cornwall in the West to Guernsey and Normandy further South. With the purchase of Troldand in 2005 and her unique shallow water capabilities, we have further extended the possibilities in the large tidal areas of Schleswig-Holstein and behind the Frisian islands of Germany and The Netherlands.

Cruising our five different sailboats,since 1974, we have sailed more than 40.000 nm in these cruising grounds. The map below indicate places we have visited. Click a marker for further information

Last update august 2018