Channel Islands

I suppose it is presumptuous for a Danish sailor, who has only visited Guernsey twice, to write about the British Channel Islands. Still though 'Les Illes Normands' have always fascinated us being the last remaining 'continental' possession the Norman conquerors has been able to keep. 
From a sailors point of view of course the enormous tidal differences is a challenge (an in particular for someone coming from the non-tidal Baltic area). We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Guernsey in 2000, unfortunately time and weather conditions did not permit a visit to Alderny but we hope to return some time in the future.... which we managed in 2010.

lavvande.jpg sill.jpg
Port Sampson on the eastern coast of Guernsey St. Peter Port and the fascinating sill

Les Hanois at the southwesterly tip of Guernsey The Guernsey West coast

White beaches at the northwest coast White beaches at the northwest coast

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