North Sea

Talking about The North Sea we'll have to admit that we have never really crossed it from Skagen to Scotland. So far 'when going west', we have taken advantage of the North Sea canal from Kiel to Brunsb├╝ttel (and Cuxhaven). Leaving river Elbe does sometimes prove difficult as the tide easily runs up to 3 knots and the estuary is running NW towards the prevailing wind. Once out next reasonably safe stop (i.e. if you wish to harbor jump) is Nordeney or Helgoland. The whole 350 nm SW-NE between Cuxhaven and Den Helder can be managed in stretches of 60-70 NM, We have visited the area in 200020042005 & 2010

Cuxhaven in a gale just waiting. The old semaphore indicating force 7 from NW by Helgoland as well as by Borkum. The beach at the German North Sea resort on Borkum

Helgoland, geologically speaking a 'horst' Nesting Gannets at Helgoland
Dokkum on the North Friesland canal North Friesland  
The Belgian coast is only 70 km long and the Belgian population is more than 10 mio. people. Overcrowding is an appropriate word

Zeebrugge. A nice stop over god food and cheap diesel. The place is uninteresting in itself but Brugge or Brussels is easy to reach by public transport
Tide is the decisive factor when planning when to leave. This time on the way north very (very) early in the morning Hovercraft outside Calais


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