Southern Danish Archipelago

The South Funen Archipelago (Det sydfynske Øhav) is probably the most popular Danish cruising ground of all and to many it's there first 'sailing playpen' (as it was for us). And mind you the area has everything (and a little more). Surrounded by a drowned moraine archipelago (I believe that is the proper geomorphological description) there is an abundance of small inhabited and uninhabited small islands (some with romantic small towns). Add to this that the area is so protected that you may anchor literally everywhere you fancy.

We have been there on sailing holidays or en route in the years 1974, 75, 82, 88, 98 and lately in 2006, when the pictures below were taken.

Pictures from the Danish archipelago around Island Funen

 At anchor by Enehøje (Nakskov fjord)  Marstal (Ærø)
 Marstal (Ærø)  Lindelse Nor (Langeland)
 Quay at Ommel Bay (Ærø)  Ommel town (Ærø)
 Ærøskøbing (Ærø)  Bogø (Lillebælt)
 Fænø (Lillebælt)

Memorial to former quarantene station (Bubonic plague) at Kyholm