Villagarcia, Galicia (maj 2011)
Super cool Portuguese brass band 'touring' the streets of Villagarcia at 'full speed ++'.

.... and somewhere else at the fair in Villagarcia these great celtic musicians performed local music, Galicia has a strong Celtic heritage.

Dolphins (Juli 2011)
On our trip from SaƵ Miguel og Terceia we were followed by dolphins. Always a life-affirming experience that you will always enjoy

Bull Run, Terceia (July 2011)
Bull run in the streets of the small villages of Terciera is a local fiesta. It is not as dangerous as it sounds as the bulls are on a leach. It is fun to watch how the young brave menfolk of the village are showing of. An be sure the bulls are not harmed as they have to 'perform' in another village next week-end.

Between Terceira (Azores) and Lisbon (August 2011)
Sometimes fresh breeze and a passage mede in just 6 days (and nights) an average speed of 6 knots. Not bad for a 35 foot Southerly

Fado (Lisbon September 2011)
Fado (Portuguese folk music) a quiet afternoon in the  Alfama. The Singer is called Maria Emilia