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2012 (year 3)

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From Seville via Morocco to Barcelona

Nobody, on their way south to the Canaries, should cheat themselves of a visit to this North African country, and we have only good memories. The capital of Rabat has a safe marina and it is a well a located place, from where to explore the hinterland as there are good public transport to Marrakech, the High Atlas mountains and Sahara in the south, as well as Fez and Meknes further north. Alternatively (for those not going to the Canaries but into the Med) Marina Smir is worth while a stay, and from here one can easily reach interesting places such as Chefchauan and Fez.
The entrence to river Buaregreg and the marina i Rabat may be dangurous in onshore winds and with heavy swell running. Once inside though, it's a well equipped, -run and -protected marina, and a convinient starting point for further explorations inland.   If you don't have the possibility to go the 140 nm along the African west coast Marina Smir just 25 nm from Gibraltar is a good alternative. Not as 'exotic' and Moroccan as Rabat, but safe and still easy to use as a base for inland expeditions to say Chefchaouan or Fez.
 A view over the roofs of Marrakech. Yes it is storks!
Tanneries in Fez. I'm not sure 'Health and Saftey' authorities would approve but it's colourfull (and smelling)

 Dying wool is performed in a special part of the souk in Marrakech and as an raveller (knitter) it was of great interesst to Rosemarie (but obviously not to Niels who had joind us for two weeks.

A carpenter in the Marrakesh souk performing his artistic production of chess pieces (two hands is not enough so a foot is an essential ai


Trekking tree days in the High Atlas mountins (>3000 m) was a marvelous experience well worth repeating and nice to have a mule to carry the luggaage
Visiting a real sand desert was a dream come through. This is southern Morocco and may only be visited by 4WD (or camels). It was in this area parts of the film 'Lawrance of Arabia' was filmed.

Back to Spain 
(video-link opens in new window on Danish language webpage)
In our opinion August is to hot in the Mediterranean so we went back to Denmark for five weeks, leaving the boat in La Linea, a well protected, well run and reasonably priced marina. Returning early September we continued our Odysse (I suppose we may call it so now that we have passed the 'Towers of Hercules') eastwards. However, apart from the bigger cities such as Cartagena, Alicante, Valencia, Tarragona and of course Barcelona we found the Spanish Mediterranean coast of lesser interest. It is interessting to se though that as we get further north, the national issue becomes more and more visible. In Valencia for instance we saw a demonstration on their 'national day' explicitly stating a Spanish (not a  catalan) identity even though the language spoken there: 'Valenciana' is much closer to Catalan- than to Castillian language. And in Tarragona we were lucky to experience a Castell ie. a human tower and a very strong expression of Catalan identity (watch our video of a Castella

We are now moored for the winter in Barcelona's Port Olimpic and will stay at Troldand until Christmas. Early next year its the Balearics which is on the agenda and after that: Who knows?

 The 'front side' of Costa Blance: Cabo St. Martin The 'back side' of Costa Blanca: Benidorm

'National day' in Valencia. Getting further north language and culture changes. And various identities are often conflicting. The the text banner says (in the local language which is almost identical to Catalan): We are Valencians and Spanish but not Catalans. It's interessting to se how identity is often defined by 'whom you are not'

Food is getting better the further you get up (north) the coast. Here is a meal wen had in Vinerós: 'Rape con Salsa' (Monkfish, squid, various kinds of mussels and shrimp in a delicious sauce) 




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