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2018 (year 9)

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From Palermo via Port Napoleon to Saint-Jesan de Losne


After an eventfull winter in Palermo our further whereabouts brought us from Sicily 'back' to Sardinia and along the east coast of that beautiful island to the Maddalena islands. Unfortunately the weather in April and most of May was very cold and wet, once we even experienced 36 hours of continous heavy rain. Once through the Strait of Bonafaccio weather improved and we had a nice cruise along the Corsican west coast crossing over to mainland France from Calvi to the excellent protected bay at Villefranche sur Mer. Subsequently June was devoted to Côte d'Azur visiting Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Issambre de San Peire, Porquerolle, Bandol and Marseille. Finally Port Napoleon at the mouth of the Rhone where we demasted. Mast and rig being shipped with a haulage company to Travemünde (to be picked up next spring).Troldand on the other hand was made ready for the long motorsail up Rhone and Saone to stay over winter in Saint-Jean de Losne, before returning to Denmark in the spring of 2019.

Pictures from Sardinia, Corsica and Côte d'Azur

The spectacular Sardinian east coast

La Caletta, unfortunately May was a very rainy month
Olbia has a proper marina .... and a very friendly small yacht club close to the city centre (picture) Olbia has a very interessting museum with old roman ships 


National hero Garibaldi lived for many years at the Maddalenas. Here we are posing with him in La Gavetta
Bonafaccio seen from the 'seaside' almost glued to the cliff a fantastic sight The perfect natural habour in Bonafaccio


Ajaccio is the birthplace of Napoleon and 'his house' is a tourist attraction
Inland Corsica, Old bridge at U Ponte Á a Leccia (visited by railway from Ajaccio) Leaving Corsica en route to mainland France
Villefranche Antibes
 Nice is nice Beach at Nice
Cannes, film capital of Europe Cannes at sunset
France has experienced several terror attacs an (unfortunately) this is a common sight in bigger cities Bandol and a beauitifull selection of old latin rigged sailboats

Marseille (mirroring itself) Marseille old town

Marseille, the capital of Bouillabaise Marseille, the capital of Bouillabaise
Port Napoleon, mast, boom and rigging paced for transport
Port Napoleon and mast beeing loaded for transport to Travemünde

Pictures from venturing up the Rhône & Saône

The first impressive (and slightly scary for a novice) lock on our way up the Saône

Musée de Confluence is the first building that welcoms you to Lyon.... but also an interessting museum
 Old Lyon

 Lyon is known for its murals, here one of famous locals: Paul Bocuse
Further upriver and one of the km markings thet identifies where you are right now
 Saone an early morning can be almoste fairy-like

Now entering some og the worlds most famous wine areas
 .... and may be one of the most famous vinyards
Unfortunately the local wines are not cheap Capital of Burgogne (and mustard): Dijon 

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