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2019 (year 10)

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From Saint-Jesan de Losne to Copenhagen


Our last season away from Danish Waters. Leaving Saint Jean de Losne mid April continuing up the Petite Saône and further through the Canal des Vosges (Canal de l'Est). Water levels in the canals were pretty low even here at spring time, and Canal des Vosges, that usually allows a draft of 1.80 m was reduced to 1.60 m (and at some stretches it was certainly less). However, with our swing-keel it did not really bother us; another Southerly advantage.

Pictures from Canal de Vosges & Moselle
 Southern Canal de Vosges 

Canal de Vosges lined by trees coverd with mistletoe (Viscum album) 
Port de Savoyeux and just passed a tunnel (at least it was dry in there)

Upper Moselle (Mosel) and one of the many boats carrying scrap iron to the plant at Neuve Maisons
Northern France has a lot of derelict manufacturing industry And even here the 'Yellow Wests' are  active, camping along the canal
Automatic baguette-baking-machine, incredible but working. 

Now in Schengen (Luxembourg) .... but then again we have been in Schengen (area) through most of our years away from home 

A scheduled one week closure of the Mosel River (annual maintenance works) was spend in Konz (near Trier). This break gave us great opportunities to explore Trier the surrounding Pfalz and Saar on our Bromptons. Further on down the beautiful Mosel and Rheine to Cologne (Köln) and Duisburg.

Pictures from rivers Mosel and Rhein: 
A Roman aquaduct near Pont-á-Mousson Cathedral of Toul as seen from Moselle

Vicotry Europe (VE) Day as celebrated in Toul

It is not always easy to get diesel along the canals and our small handtruck and 3x20 l jerry-cans was in use (Toul)
Picturesque Traben Trarbach at river Mosel Piesporter Goldtröpchen one of the famous vinyards along river Mosel
'Saar Pedal', a sunday with no cars on the road along river Saar and we got the chance to exersice our Bromptons Saarburg which we visited on our bike-ride along the river Saar

Old harbor crane, ('Krahn') on the banks of the river Mosel, Trier   Trier

White aspargus at the market in Trier, a true 'delicatessens' Trier is the birth place of Karl Marx and he is 'honered' at the traffic lights
'Deutches Eck' where river Mosel confluence with the Rhein (overlooked by Kaiser Wilhelm I) Fortunately our further trip was down-streem the Rhein (current 3-3½ knots)

Leaving Köln with the impressive Chthedral (Dohm) in the background  The further south the Rheine the more heavy manufacturing industry

After the beautifull Mosel and powerfull Rheine on to the German canals systems: Ie. the more tedious strech on the Rhein-Herne-, Dortmund-Ems, Mittelland- and Elbe Seitenkanal to the river Elbe. And finally via Elbe-Lübeck-kanal to the Baltic where we spend some days in the beautiful old 'Hansa' town of Lübeck. Finally the last 10 nm to Travemünde where we were united with mast and rig and back in Baltic waters after almost 10 years.

Pictures from German canals: Rhein to Lübeck: 
Safty lock ('Sicherheitstohr') making it possible to shut off individual sections of the canal systrm  This must be the absolutely most uninteressting canal in Germany: The 'Elbe Seitenkanal'
The 'Hebewerk' (Boat-lift) at the canal museum in Datteln
Boat lift of 38 meters at Lüneburg Scharnebeck where the Elbe Seitenkanal reach river Elbe
The famous medieval town gate of Lübeck  The old town Hall, Lübeck

A replica of a Hansa Kogge, the type of vessel that was the means of the trade of the Hansa leage Travemünde some 10 nm north of Lübeck is an important ferry port

Our mast,rigging and sails had (of course) safely arrived at Böbs Werft (yard) in Travemünde Re-rigging Troldand with the help of Böebs competent crew

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