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Winter in Palermo

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An incridible, diverse and charming  city
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After our arrival to Palermo we spend two month in the autumn 2017 and a further month in the spring of 2018 in that beautiful city that has everything from street musicians (watch video) to puppet theatre with historical roots dating back to Charlemangne 768-800 AD (watch video).

We thoroughly enjoyed the culinary possibilities and the rich musical life; particularly the famous opera house Teatro Massimo (also known from the movie Godfarther III) where we went several times.

As a tourist it is hard to understand Palermos reputation as the centre for activities for the infamous mafia however, you are reminded by various memorialss to those fallen in the struggle against this organised crime.

Pictures from our winter in Palermo

Gate to the Galizzi pontoon in Palermo where we spend autumn and spring, a great place for exploring a great city

 Fishermen at La Cala close to central Palermo

As a local lady said: Palermo is like an old lady: Many wrinkles but lots of charm behind (the wrinkels)

Chiesa del Gesú a wonderfull example of baroque architecture

 Fontana Pretoria

Teatro Massimo (In Godfarther III Michael Corleones daugther was killed here)
Outside Teatro Massimo waiting for Rossini:  L'Italiana in Algeri (The Italian Girl in Algiers)

Teatro Massimo waiting for Rossini: L'Italiana in Algeri (The Italian Girl in Algiers)

Museeo Palazzo Mirto

Ballaro market an abundance of fresh fish, meat and vegetables

Ballaro market an abundance of fresh fish, meat and vegetables

Fresh permaggiano cheese, just arrived at our local super market

Catecomba dei Capucchini a macabre exibition of mummified human remains

La famigila Galizzi gathered for our farwell party after a fantastic stay in Palermo 

Easter procession, not quite as impressive as i Seville buyt still a facinating spectacle. Watch video

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