While Waiting

We have always been fascinated by the idea of a shallow draft cruising boat where possibilities of utilising shallow anchorages expands the possibilities. After our cruises to England in 2000 and 2004, experiencing tidal areas, we even more realised the potentials of a proper boat.

Thorough studies on the internet, in yachting magazines and a visit to the Hamburg boat show in 2004 finally made us decide on a Southerly 110 and we signed a contract with Northshore. Six exiting month passed between the signature an commissioning but fortunately we had the opportunity to visit Itchenor twice to follow the building process

First visit to Itchenor May 6th 2005

Fresh out of the mould Deck section not yet fitted. Main bulkhead and heads section in place. Inner hull clearly visible
The swing keel before being mounted. The keel itself weighs more than one ton and the cast frame a little more than two. The whole contraption is mounted in a recess in the hull by 16 ss bolts Top of the boat and top of the galley table not yet cut out for sinks, fridge and stove

Second visit, June 12th 2005:

Almost finished. Only windows still missing on the outside

Cockpit compleeted, only the protecting rubber film have to be removed

The double bunk in the aft. cabin. Open to the cavity in the stern where the glass fibre reinforcements for the autopilot are seen. The autopilot engine is standing at the bunk in the middle of the picture

Keel box and sofa in port side. Water tank is mounted under the transverse part of the sofa


Engine room with the new 30hp Yanmar mounted. Note the two brass outlets for hoses leading hot cooling water to the fresh water calorifier

The heads section, notice the holding tank (60 litres) is mounted in what was originally consieved as a (very small) wet locker. Also note the tri-valve (Jabsco) swiching from tank to 'direct' outlet

The two outlets associated with the toilet: one from the holding tank and one directly from the WC. A tree way valve (Jabsco) is mounted after the toilet pump

Rosemarie is thoroughly inspecting the vanity section in the aft. cabin