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Sailing friends

One of the best things about sailing is that you meet lots of people with many different backgrounds an ideas. You might not agree with all of them (the ideas ie.) but we all have one thing in common: Our love of sailing, exploring and experiencing other ways and ideas (for better or worse). Below we have gathered a selection of pictures of people whom we have met over the years; many of them are still our friends. Should you see this, and miss a photo of yourself, it is not a deliberate exclusion but just a sign of forgetfulness and old age (or may be that I haven't found a picture of you.... yet). 

A9 Annelies (CH) Rudi(CH) Thomas (N) Ågot Mona(N)
 Karin  Bent  Carme (E) Chris (UK) Jimmy
 Amy  (UK)  David (F)  Birthe Ellinor (S) Bente (USA)
  Buller (Bruno)   Kirsten J Helene (RSA)  Claus  Jay (UK)
 Gorm  Helle Leif  Anker  Inger
 Lejla  Jørgen Elsebeth  Kirsten D  Kåre
 Liz (UK)  Martin  Pia (& Anton)  Niels  Peter
 Georges (B)  Solvej & Jan (D) Jaqué  Timo (SF)  Anne (B)
Uffe Ester Jens G Alex (UK)  Sam (UK) 
 Niels  Buddy (GR)  Ellen  Jeff (NZ)   Lelia (AUS) 
 Anne (IRL)   Donal (IRL)  Ben (UK)   Gerard (F)   Lolita (F) 
 Harriet (UK)   Richard (UK)  Ole  Inga  Yannick (F) 
Marie (S)  Michael (S)   Torben Pia Frank
Tommy (CH) Roger (UK)  Lizzie (UK)  Sven Göran (S)  Lisa (S) 
 Øjvind (N)   Bente (N)   Sven (S)  Lotta (S) Erik K
Leif Iris Jens K Jette K Saga Per
Per B Jane Jan G Lise Grete
Jesper Jane Allan Poul Erik Stig 
Henrik Jan (UK)  Bruno (UK)  Ann  Jan
Inger Kurt Kisser  Allan Hanne
Sten  Irene (S) Mats (S) Jaques (F) Evelyne (F)
Jesper Dorthe Johanne (N) Asbjørn (N) Amos Milton (E)
Abraham (E)  Noah (E)  Veronica (AR)  Mats (S)  Ann (S)
Cirro (I) Mary (UK)  Bob (UK) Peter (UK)  Bridget (UK)
Duncan (AUS) Caroline (AUS)  Dawn (UK)  Jørgen Bente
Les (UK) Tina (UK) Manfred (D) Noemia (E) Raymond (E)
Sara (E) ULF (S/E) Dianna Find Dimitris (GR)
Anders (S) Ewa (S) Roger (S) Kristin (S) Finn
Roger (UK) Kristin (UK) Vitter Jens (Erik) Diana (UK)
Jose Mañuel (E)  Jespert   Tommy Lotte
Jack (USA) Jocelin (USA)   Christel (D) Herrwik (D)
Rose Marie (F) Eric (F) Knuth Karen H (NL) Eric (NL)
Annelies M (NL) Lars  Aurora (AR)  Lily (NL)  Nick (NL)
Tomas (E) Virginia (USA)   Wolfgang(D)  Gabi(D)
Mimis (GR) Vanessa (UK)  Glyn (UK) Ursula (D/N) Sjur (N)
Maro (GR) Jesus (E) Marga (E)  Jan Z (UK)  Lynne Z (UK)
Alma (BiH) Tony (E) Meli (E)  Pepe (E)  Pepa (E)
Tony (IRL)  Hans K  Birgitte K  Bjarne  Marianne
Tina  Christos (GR)  Christina (GR) Christine (F)  Michelle (F)
Lola (E)  Kieth (UK)  Lyn (UK)  Marko (SL)  Minna (SL)
Joël (F) Nigel (UK) Sue (UK)  Pam (UK) Roger (UK)
Pino (I) Helen (DK/I)  Chiara (I)  Kirsten  Per
Alex Pricilla (BR/DK) Jasmin Emily Gul Vipstjert (I)
Alfred Aage Lilian Marie (NZ) Mark (NZ)
René Birgitte Leo Lis Jean
Jan Britt Dan (NL/UK) Jane (UK) Oda (N)
Nis Hanne Lise Vibe Esben Ivan (B)
Cindy (USA)  Philippe (F)  Pierette (F)  Sukanya (Thai)  Walter (CH)
 Benny  Joy Juna & Timon (A)  Christian  Tina
 Ragnar (IS/D)  Peter (D) Petra (D)  Marianne René
Nick (UK)  Peter B  Kirsten B ('Mor')  Göran (S)  


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