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2014 (year 5)

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From San Carles via Sardinia & Sicily to the Ionian

A short account of 2014
After a long winter-break we arrived back to Sant Carles (via London visiting friends) in mid March, full of energy. Almost four years of continuous sailing has taken its toll and on Troldand there were quite a lot of things we had to check and update. The old saying has proved to be right ie. you should on average spend at least one hour a day on boat maintenance; but it was nice to have the time to do things properly. After a quiet spring where we got to know Sant carles better, the largest medeterrenean fishing port in Spain (watch video) Early May we left for for Soller, Cituadella and Mahon (pictures in the 2013 report) spending some nice time there before leaving for Sardinia.

As we had decided that our goal this year should be the Ionian and as we don't like to be in a hurry but want to spend a lot of time at the places we visit, we 'saved' northern Sardinia and northern Sicily until our return (whenever that may be). Thus we sailed south of these two large islands and continued via Calabria and Puglia the shortestpossible route to Lefkas (some 1500 nm from Spain) and 'The sacred City of Messolonghi' which we had decided should be our base for the coming year(s), as we plan to go up the Adriatic next spring (but returning to Messolonghi during august while back in Denmark) .... But remember: Plans are made to be changed.

From Mahon (Menorca) to Sardinia it is about 160 nm to the closest approach at Torre GrandeFrom here via Tharros, Portoscuso, Caloforte and Teulada to Cagliari where we stayed for some two weeks before continuing to Sicily (more pictures from  Sardinia W,  Cagliari &  Sardinia NW & C

Cagliari, a city worth while a visit and with several marinas. One of whch is quite primetive and somewhat strange however, with decent prices. Might be good for a winters stay 
 A Nuraghi, southern Sardinia. Facinating Neolitic megalites possibly of religious importance related to water  The Phonician ruins at Tharros

Another visit to a vinery (Cantina). Sardinia produces excellent red- and white wines. The (white) Vernaccia was a new aquaintance and a quality wine which we enjoyed as an aperitif. Cagliari and World Champinon soccer in the marina (while Italy was still in the game alas, this was it)

From Sardinia to Trapani on western Sicilia is another 160 nm. Further via Isola Egadi, Sciacca and Licata where we left Troldand while going back to Denmark in August (when it's to warm for northerners). While in Sicily we rented a car and enjoyed some nice trips to various arceological sites and not least visiting the famous volcano of Etna (more pictures from Western Sicilia & Southern Sicilia)
 The Greek ruins at Seliuente, worth while a visit

Sleeping quarters at the imperial Villa romans del Casale. Obviously the retired emperor enjoyed a little pornography
The Turkish Stairs (Skala di Turci) an impressive coastal formation just east of Licata Rosemarie and Kirsten at Etna on a glorious day

Sardinia and Sicily has a long tradition of coastal tuna fishery using large floating nets processed inocal factories. Ths is now all gone and few tunas still caught are shipped to Malta for processing. The anchors here is a memory of a time gone A nice 7.7 kg tuna caught in the southern Messina Strait en route for Crotone. Bruno (Buller) is obviously satisfied with the safe landing of the catch. Food for three days.

Calabria & The Ionian
From the southeastern corner of Sicily directly to Crotone where we had some lovely days with friends Pino and Helen. Then (via Santa Maria de Leuca) to Lefkada our first Greek port, and later first impressions of the Ionian, before finally reaching our winter-habour in Messolonghi.

Pino and Helen, a Danish-Italian couple and natives of Crotone, whom we met accidentally and who graciously invited us to their home and drove us around their beloved Calabria The Calabrian village of Monte Fuscaldi
The sound between mainland Greece and Lefkas... 'is it a bridge  or a ferry that is the question' (on which the EU regional funding depends we were told) Wide salt marshes outside Messolonghi, a bird sanctuary under the RAMSAR convention and a EU Natura 2000 area
Fishing huts along the picturesque channel that leads to the marina in Messolonghi The Sacred City of Messolonghi (as the Greeks call it) is known for its heroic defence against the Turks during the Greek war of independence (1821-32), celebrated by an annual Exodus march (se video). Lord Byron, well known for his support, died here where his heart is said to be burried. Personally I think it's a misunderstanding originating from the expression 'he left his heart' (in Messolonghi').

It has been a wonderful sailing season with lots of nice experiences. It is however, obvious that we have now reached some of the most popular cruising grounds in The Medeterrenean with lots of yachts and people who live aboard for extented periods and with whom we share a priveleged lifestyle.

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